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Men Brotherhood Ministry


The purpose of the brotherhood ministry is to help involve all men of all ages as well as boys in ministry.  It is comprised of all men of the Church, crossing all socio-economical, ethnical and chronological boundaries.  It is a place where all men are valued and used by God.  Their focus is on educating and training boys and young men to be Godly men and spiritual fathers who are committed to God and their families.  

Brotherhood helps boys and men express and further develop their relationship with the Father by encouraging them to be transforming agents of spiritual, physical, and emotional needs for persons inside as well as outside the church. 

The Brotherhood encourages and sponsors family activities for the church that help to build and strengthen families and their personal relationships.  They also get together regularly to enjoy food, sports, and a great time fellowshipping in the Lord. This ministry is under the leadership of Deacon Andrew Bittle.


Contact: Deacon Andrew Bittle


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